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Robert F. Johnson, SAMS® AMS®
Principal Marine Surveyor
USCG Master 100 Tons

Yacht and Small Craft Marine Surveys
Serving The US East Coast
Marine Surveys by Bob Johnson Marine Surveyor, Robert F. Johnson, SAMS® AMS®, Sebastian, Florida, USA
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Bob Johnson has been working in the marine industry since 1985. He started off as a charter captain and in 1994 he started his own marine supply business where he spent much of his time designing, installing and consulting on marine electrical systems.

Bob has been doing marine surveys since 2000, was accepted as a member of the Society of Marine Accredited Surveyors in 2002 and sold his marine business in 2007 so he could devote all of his time to marine surveying. He is currently a SAMS AMS, Accredited Marine Surveyor. Bob is a member of ABYC, and was a ABYC Certified Marine Electrical Technician, ABYC Certified Corrosion Technician and ABYC Standards Accredited from 2002 until 2012.

After Superstorm Sandy he represented several insurance companies inspecting storm damaged boats, with his experience he also represented boat owners appealing insufficient settlements with their damage claims.

Condition and Value Surveys
Pre Purchase surveys
Damage claims: Representing boat owners or an insurance company

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